"Madmen and geniuses in 1554. And a whole lot of pain. But there are still problems at home. You think it's over, you backed out. But now its the revolutionists versus the loyalists. Civil war. And farrah, if you are willing to leave, there are parachutes in the back, and the hatch controls are those red and green buttons near the rear. But you're as wanted as anything for resisting arrest. Do as you wish." He turned back to Jack. "These people are loyalists, so there's probably troops with them. I do have an idea though. Wait here, and be on your nerve." He walked to the captain. They talked, then satisfied, Paragon walked to his room, and brought an attache case to the captain. The captain smiled with glee. "We'll drop you off wherever you want!" He said with renewed enthusiasm. "39.728405, -20.840482 Should work," Paragon said, as the captain nodded. "We'll be there in a few." Turning back to the passengers, "Alright, we're getting off in a few, there's been complications. He unlocked a locker, and pulled out a yellow pack. "This is a seadiver. n the back here is an oxygen tube with 2 hours on it. Use it in emergencies. Here's your pullcord for your parachutes, and on the back here there's spotlights, the switch here. You'll need these these late at night. I'm going to launch a yellow flare. Swim away as fast as you can. Then swim towards it." The plane shuttered. "Damn! Fighters!"