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Post by Logany on Sun Apr 08, 2012 12:00 pm

Does it seem like I'm ok?

I hope it does-

I've worked so hard and long

On this mask that I had behind.

You think my smile's pretty?

Good, it's holding back my sobs.

Those allergies I complain about

Are just and excuse for the tears.

You can't see the scars

Because they're all on my heart.

Little reminders of what is waiting for me

In the shadows of my mind.

You think you know me?

Did you know about the nightmares

That plague me? They scare me.

They speak of such terrors

That you couldn't imagine.

Or what about the tears,

The uncountable number that I've shed?

They soak this face

That you so lovingly adore.

You wish for my heart?

Pray that you never see it

For its body is mangled

Past the point of recognition.

It can't love you

Because it can't even love me.

Think you can see my soul through my eyes?

Careful, don't trust them.

They've been known to lie.

I'm not new to this game.

I've been playing for far longer than you.

There is no winning. Only losing.

You lose another tear, another day,

Another friend that you will never get back.

So don't pretend that you know me,

Because you don't.

And by the way? I'm not ok.

[I feel kinda depressed guys...]

You wanna know the worst way to die?
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Vypre's Sad Empty Re: Vypre's Sad

Post by Crow on Sun Apr 08, 2012 1:03 pm

Good poem, but dont feel depressed vype

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Vypre's Sad Empty Re: Vypre's Sad

Post by Feffer on Wed Apr 11, 2012 6:08 pm

good poem (very meloncholy Sad makes me sad...(GO 2 UR HAPPIE PLACE!!! XD))

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Vypre's Sad Empty Re: Vypre's Sad

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